Know About Shrevan Digital Solution

Shrevan Digital Solution is an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that is growing fast and causing a rapid shift in the IT Industry of Bihar. Shrevan Digital Solution provides the first All-in-One, on demand software system to automate all core front and back office functions – at a price any size company can afford.


To deliver powerfully simple, integrated software that enables companies to operate their entire business efficiently and affordably while providing outstanding customer service.

Powerfully Simple Philosophy

One of the reasons for our success to date is Shrevan's "Powerfully Simple" approach which is at the heart of our operating strategy and culture. Powerfully Simple is infused in everything we do:

  • Powerful, in-depth, easy to use software
  • Easy to work with us
  • Simple, straight forward pricing with no hidden costs
  • Flexible training and support process

We do everything in our power to make the business relationship simple. Clients consistently comment that it is refreshing to work with a company that helps them achieve their business goals. As a company, the Powerfully Simple approach allows our team to provide superior service to our clients. Developed on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), it not only allows the development of software that can be offered as a service, but has the flexibility for designing a multi-tenant, on demand infrastructure that can easily grow with increasing demand and be delivered reliably over the Internet from multiple Tier 1 data centers. Shrevan Digital Solution's proprietary service and application monitoring tools ensure consistent, secure service delivery and redundancy at a hardware, software and network level, achieving an uptime of 99.99%.